How to Correct Your Employees’ Incorrect Social Security Numbers

Incorrect Social Security numbers are the most common cause of erroneous W-2 forms. Not only can this result in a $50 penalty for each incorrect form, but the employee’s benefits record at the Social Security Administration may be understated, reducing his or her benefits in the future.

To protect yourself and your company, simply go to and register to use the Social Security Number Verification Service. Then, make it a practice to check the Social Security number and name combination for each new employee. You’ll be glad you did.

Ways to Avoid Costly Time and Attendance Reporting Errors

Tracking hours worked and manually keying them into payroll creates many opportunities for error. Overpaying an employee can create a financial loss to your company while underpaying employees can cause morale problems. And either of the preceding scenarios results in the headaches associated with getting things back on track and correcting the outcome.

To protect employees and your company, call PSS to find out how our Time/Web clock options can help save you time and money as well as ensure that your payroll is accurate. Going forward, you won’t have to manually key payroll information to process payroll. Studies have shown that switching to an automated time and attendance system (e.g., where employees swipe ID cards into an electronic reader or use the web) improves payroll accuracy significantly while reducing other related errors.

Leveraging New Security Features

PSS has added a two-step verification process for the employer portal login. You can now add in your email or cell phone number to receive a code via text or email to help prevent fraudulent logins.

Enjoy Seamless Credit Card Processing

Has the pandemic turned your cash business into a “cashless” business? Franklin Payments can provide credit card processing and point-of-sale (POS) services for you company, including the following types of terminals:

  • NFC
  • EMV/Chip Cards/Smart Cards
  • Wireless/WiFi/ Ethernet Connectivity
  • Color Screen
  • Touch Screen
  • Marketplace Capabilities
  • Contact Nicole Christmann at for additional information.

Onboard with a New Payroll Company — May 2021 Invitation

While the beginning of a new year may seem like the ideal time to change payroll companies, there are a number of reasons why NOW may be even better. Give us a call and we can explain in more detail how moving to Payroll Service Solutions will result in your employees enjoying timely, accurate, cost-effective, secure, guaranteed payments from a company that takes its time to get to know its clients. And, as a small-business owner, you will truly appreciate our personalized service, quick response times, and willingness to handle tasks such as amendments.

And if you are reading this as a current client, please remember to take advantage of our offer of an incentive for referrals who become clients (see below).

While the idea of making the switch may seem overwhelming, let us assure you that you can depend on our team of experts at Payroll Service Solutions to help guarantee all goes smoothly, as our experts are available to help you with the process. Call us today to find out how to get started!

Spread the Word About PSS — Get Rewarded for Your Efforts!

You already receive many advantages and rewards for letting us handle your payroll processing and related needs. Why not take a moment today to tell your friends and business associates about Payroll Service Solutions and realize a more tangible reward for your efforts?

If their company successfully becomes a new customer, our team will gift you personally a $50 Amazon Gift Card or credit your next invoice $50 (your choice).

As we wrote above, companies transition to new payroll or human resources services companies for a variety of reasons throughout the year, so now is as good a time as any to reach out to your friends and associates who might want to enjoy the services we afford.

You are eligible to be rewarded for each referral that becomes a new customer! This program is unlimited — so spread the word!

Three Easy Steps to Earn Your Referral Reward

  1. Tell your friends and associates about the company and the services we offer. You can even send them this link to our home page
  2. If they express interest and/or let you know that they want to learn more, contact Nicole Christmann at or 215-624-0922 and provide their contact information; she will then answer any of their questions and get them signed up, letting you know this has happened.
  3. When your referral successfully becomes a new customer, our team will send you a $50 Amazon Gift Card or apply your $50 credit to your account.

Accolades from Satisfied Clients

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