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PSS Will Make Sure You Have What You Need, When You Need It

These days, it seems like many businesses make it harder and harder to talk to someone when you have an issue. Some companies provide a web page with a form for you to fill out when you need to contact them, but you’ll have to search around for that phone number at the bottom in fine print. Many business cards offer a direct email address but a general switchboard phone number. Even when you do call, some companies have a recording that asks you not to, for example: The answers to many questions can be found on our website… And then, if you absolutely insist on remaining on the line, you have to play “Which number should I push?” with a recording that pretends to be helpful by telling you that you can just say yes or no instead of pushing one or two. Finally, if you win the phone tree game, your reward is a voicemail box. Even then, sometimes that box is full. 

It’s no wonder customers wish they could get better support. Fortunately, Payroll Service Solutions isn’t like some companies. We do have a website, but our phone number is right there on the top of every page. We do have a contact us form, but our phone numbers are there too. Of course, we have email, and we use it to respond even faster, but every email from us has our phone number in the signature.

The best part is that when you call Payroll Service Solutions, a helpful human being answers the phone. There is no phone tree, no robot trying to be helpful, no gentle reminder that we have a website. Instead, you’ll find that every one of our customer service representatives is fully trained to meet your needs. Our goal is to get you the right payroll services and human resource support for your team, when you need it. Reach out to us today, through our online contact form or by calling us at 215-624-0922. We’re ready to help you!