One-Stop Shop for Payroll, Health Insurance, & Credit Card Processing

Your One-Stop Shop for Payroll, Health Insurance, & Credit Card Processing Needs

Running a small business is complicated enough. Chances are some of your employees have to wear more than one hat to make things run smoothly. Anywhere you can simplify things while still getting all of the value and quality you need is a great opportunity. 

What if there was a place where you could get your payroll, health insurance, and credit card processing needs all in one place? We’re here to tell you there is such a place: Payroll Service Solutions.

At Payroll Service Solutions, we not only offer all of those services in one convenient location, we do it as a trusted partner with your business. We offer top-of-the line services to small business owners in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Our experts work with you to figure out exactly what services you require and then go above and beyond to deliver. Our payroll services handle more than time clocks and paychecks. We also take care of tax filing, paid time off tracking, record retention, and much more. 

Through PSS Benefits, we offer workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, dental and vision insurance, contractors insurance, and a whole lot more! We even offer 401(k) plans and SIMPLE IRAs.

We’ve also partnered with Franklin Payments to provide business-friendly secure payment solutions and credit card processing services

Our highly experienced representatives can put together a package of services customized to meet your exact needs. We can handle your payroll, employee health insurance, and even your credit card processing needs all under one, trusted roof, where we always answer the phone. Contact Payroll Service Solutions today and see how we can help you with your business needs.