End-of-Year Payroll Check list

With the holidays fast approaching and 2022 just around the corner, now is a good time to start preparing for the end of the year. This can save you and your employees some headaches later.

It’s important to check that all employee information is accurate.

  • Check to be sure that each employee’s name and Social Security number shows exactly as it is displayed on the social security card.
  • Verify employee addresses to ensure that W2s are mailed to the correct location. This also applies to any terminated employees.
  • Ensure that all Scorp and Fringe benefits have been reported for processing prior to running your end-of-year taxes and W2s.
  • Ensure that all third-party sick pay has been reported. Most agencies and insurance companies stopped mailing these notices, so be sure to log in to get this data.


For tax purposes, earnings on tax returns and W2s are based solely on check dates. This means your first payroll in January will most likely cover hours worked the last week in December. These wages will be reported on the 2022 W2.


Were you denied health insurance coverage due to the participation requirements? There is a special open enrollment period from November 15th through December 15th allowing eligible small groups to enroll for coverage effective January 1st.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires health insurers to offer a one-month special open enrollment period, where eligible small groups can enroll in coverage without having to meet standard employer-contribution and/or employee participation ratios.

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Loan solutions to meet your needs

If you are planning to apply for a home loan for a refinance or acquisition, spend as much time reviewing offers as you would for any other large ticket item you would buy. You may want to apply with more than one lender and compare their loan estimates. When comparing you are looking for amortization terms, interest rate, APR info, and fees you will pay.

Many lenders use fully electronic applications today. You will be asked to consent to E-Signature and E-notifications. These options make things more convenient for you and the lender and normally help the processing go smoothly; however, you are not obligated to accept these options.

Should you go to a mortgage lender or a bank? Mortgage lenders usually originate loan applications for multiple investors. The good ones will shop your application for the best deal for you. The not-so-good ones will look for the best deal for themselves; shopping and comparing multiple lenders helps avoid this pitfall and some others. Banks are normally selling their own programs or programs through FNMA and FHLMC. The unique lender that you may want to look for is one that has their own programs (like a bank) but also can sell to multiple investors. This feature is important in case you are one of the unique borrowers who doesn’t fit nicely into the predetermine boxes.

Rates are still low and attractive. As of mid-October, a 30-year mortgage with no points should be in the 2.625 to 2.75% range. Market fluctuations happen daily, but for the past 6 months they haven’t moved much. If you get estimates that are higher, then you certainly should look at other lenders. If they are much lower, be observant for special fees and conditions that could disqualify your application and place you into a higher rate program.

Are rates going to go up? Yes, but no one knows when. Based on the current market, there should be a few more months of low rates, and more than likely this favorable scenario for borrowers could carry into mid-2022.

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