IRS Suspends Mailing Some Automated Collection Notices

The IRS announced that it will temporarily stop mailing some automated collection notices until it has worked through its backlog which they attribute to Covid-19. These mailings are normally issued when taxpayers owe additional taxes, or the IRS has no record of a return being filed. Although most of the suspended mailings are for individual taxpayers, several apply to businesses.

The IRS said it will continue to assess the inventory of prior year returns to determine the appropriate time to resume sending the notices.

When you should fill out a new Form I-9

All new employees must complete Section 1 of Form I-9 on (or before) their first day of employment. Then, within three days following their start date, they must submit acceptable proof of their identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

As for the employer, you must complete Section 2 within those same three business days with the employee’s document(s). This is generally done at the time the employee brings in their identifying documents, as it asks for specific information about these forms.

The Benefits of Paperless

Are you tired of dealing with paper pay stubs? How about those lost checks and the process of reissuing? Would you like to eliminate paper all together? PSS is here to help!

You can have on-line access to your payroll 24/7. Not comfortable processing the payroll yourself – no worries. PSS is happy to process your payroll. Your reports are delivered on-line once the payroll is ready. Your payroll, your way!

Employees can also have the convenience of on-line access 24/7. They can view paystubs, W2s, and earning reports anytime, anywhere.

Some added benefits include:

  • Secure access
  • Reduction of administrative time
  • Employees can quickly reset password without contacting you
  • No lost checks
  • Reduced burden by eliminating requests for paystubs

Call PSS today to get started 215-624-0922!

Set Your Company Apart by Offering Good Health Insurance

A solid, complete benefits package will make your organization more attractive to potential employees, as well play an instrumental role in retaining current team members. Good, affordable health care offerings play a premier role in making a benefits package highly desirable and will set you apart from other companies when it comes to recruiting and holding on to quality talent.

Through our long-standing partnership with Haddon Planning Group, PSS offers many wonderful group insurance plans for small businesses to choose from that include single or combination programs for:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision

The licensed professionals at Haddon Planning Group will personally provide customized assessments of your small-business needs and make recommendations for the best but most affordable options available.

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Fun Fact:

Over 253 million Americans interact with the IRS each year (3X any other federal agency)

Texas cowboy boots are exempt from sales tax. Hiking boots are not.