Bucks County PA Payroll Services – Best Payroll Services in Bucks County PA

Payroll Service Solutions Bucks County PA is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and has served Bucks County PA for over 35 years. We are focused on being the best payroll company in Bucks County PA.

Are you a small-business owner who’s feeling overwhelmed with the necessary tasks of payroll and HR duties? Payroll Service Solutions is here to help. We have been assisting small businesses in the Bucks County area for years with the streamlining of their payroll and HR processes through our outsourcing services. There is only so much time in the day, and if you partner with us, we can take over some of those mundane tasks so you can get back to focusing your energies on where your business needs you most.

Our expert team is reliable and knowledgeable, and our company has grown to become a full-service payroll and HR outsourcing firm. We can handle many of the areas that are necessary to the operation of your business, including workers’ compensation management, HR outsourcing, retirement plan consulting, payroll processing, insurance needs, and others.

We have been recognized as an industry leader in the Bucks County area because of our commitment to our clients. We place a high importance on being a one-stop shop for all your outsourcing needs, and for doing so in ways that will help your business scale. Other services we provide include record retention, time clock management, new hire reporting, and more. And if there’s something else that you’re in need of that we have not already listed, odds are we can do it!

Small-business managers enjoy our HR package because usually the often-changing current laws, rules, and regulations are not something they have the time to keep up with. A cost-effective solution is to outsource their HR duties to us and gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing their paperwork is being handled by experts who are regularly trained on compliance at the state, local, and federal levels.

If you are ready to gain back significant time in your workday in order to instead focus on scaling your business, give Payroll Service Solutions a call. We look forward to partnering with you in the achievement of the success of your small business. Services include:

  • Tax Filing – Pay and file your federal, state and local payroll taxes
  • LST Taxes – Pay and file the Local Service Tax
  • Internet Payroll – 24/7 access to your payroll and reports
  • Record Retention – We retain your payroll records
  • Workers Compensation – We report your wages directly to your insurance carrier
  • Accruals – Manage your employee(s) time off easily and accurately
  • QuickBooks Upload – Gives you the ability to upload payroll reports directly to your QuickBooks and provide a general ledger report
  • Check Reconciliation Register – Provide a check register for your bank reconciliation
  • New Hire Reporting – We report all your new hires to state agencies
  • Time Clocks – Integrate employees time and attendance with your payroll
  • W2’s & 1099’s – Year end processing handled for you
  • Nanny Payroll – Ability to process domestic/household payrolls

Check Services:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Debit Cards
  • Check Signing
  • Check Sealing

Employee/Employer Deductions Services:

We can handle any deduction request. We can track, cap, and provide an easy to read report with every payroll or as needed

  • Loans – We will track & cap per your instruction
  • Garnishments/ Levies – We will make the payment for you
  • Retirement/Investments – We can send to the appropriate payee
  • HSA/FSA – We can send to the appropriate payee
  • MED125 – We will provide a report with each pay
  • Unions – We will provide a report each pay
  • Miscellaneous – We will create any deduction needed