Wishing You A Happy & Healthy November

Payroll Service Solutions is wishing you and your employees a happy & healthy November!

Thanksgiving Food Drive

All donations will be given to the Warminster Food Bank which provides 100s of pounds of food to needy families in our community. The food bank offers foods, clothing and toiletries. We are accepting donations until Tuesday, November 22nd.

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The Benefits of Benefits

Having access to health care benefits is in high demand by employees seeking jobs. Post-Pandemic work life has showed us now more than ever how significant our health is to us. Offering health benefits promotes maintaining health, and also preventing and managing diseases. While there are many Pro’s to having an insurance such as this, another includes potential tax reduction for your business.

Mental Health Coverage for Employees Explained

Year End Payroll Prep

Fun Fact

69% of startup businesses begin at home. Some for example are Apple and Amazon which both began in a garage.