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Published by Payroll Service Solutions on May 1, 2022

Payroll is critical. Your best employees are counting on getting their checks on time. Unfortunately, as a small business owner you know that there is a lot more to it than just writing checks. The right pay rate for the right number of hours is the easy part. Then, there is calculating the proper tax withholdings from each check, which is based on each employee’s different W4 form. Tracking time off taken, time off earned, keeping track of any wage garnishments or levies, and maybe even loans made to employees to help out with their situations, all adds up to a lot of work for something that should be simple.

That is where Payroll Service Solutions comes in. No matter how new, or how old your business is, we can get your payroll account up and running in no time at all. The key is our team of tax and payroll experts. Founded over 20 years ago, we still offer top of the line payroll service for small business owners in Philadelphia. We understand what you need and what you are going through. We will take the time-consuming manual payroll you have now and convert it to an easy to use system with our ongoing professional help. Your new payroll system will not only calculate all necessary deductions, taxes, and payments, but we can offer your employees direct deposit into their bank accounts eliminating checks altogether. We also offer online access, time clock systems, and the ability to upload directly to QuickBooks so that your office can continue to manage your business accounting.

Contact Payroll Service Solutions in Philadelphia today to see how we can help make payroll fast and easy for you.

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