Payroll Services

Payroll Service Solutions is equipped with a team of Philadelphia tax services experts whose only job is to stay up-to-date on tax rates, compliance issues and government regulations so you don’t have to. Our expertise truly makes payday easy for you. We also offer other services such as employee time clock systems, new hire reporting, and more for clients across the US.      

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  • Tax Filing

    Our Philadelphia tax services company will take care of paying and filing all your payroll taxes for you, whether you’re locally based or are working with us from anywhere in the US. In addition to that we also take full responsibility of speaking to all tax agencies on your behalf. This includes all local taxes and LST taxes.

  • Direct Deposit

    Payroll Service Solutions will direct deposit some or all of your employees’ paychecks each payroll. Your employees will no longer have to wait in long lines at the bank to cash their paychecks, and you will save time reconciling your bank statement.

  • Debit Cards/Pay Cards

    If requested, Payroll Service Solutions will direct deposit your employees’ paychecks onto debit cards. This is a great option for an employee who does not have a bank account. We even have debit cards on-site that can be sent out the same day to employees whose circumstances require doing so.

  • PTO Tracking

    Payroll Service Solutions will track your employees paid time off, whether it be sick days, personal days, or vacation time. We can track how much time each employee earns and uses, and show the remaining balances clearly printed on the employee’s paystub.

  • Online Access

    As an added bonus to your Philadelphia tax services, Payroll Service Solutions also offers 24/7 internet access. With internet access you can log in and process your payroll, pull reports, taxes and W2s, etc. You can also set your accountant up with access to all your payroll reports.

  • Time Clocks

    Payroll Service Solutions offers employee time clock systems to our clients in Philadelphia as well as across the country. These systems upload directly into our database to allow for easy processing of each payroll period, and thus saving both time and money. It is fully secure and can be accessed from anywhere.

  • QuickBooks Upload

    Payroll Service Solutions has a QuickBooks upload that allows you to create a file to import directly into QuickBooks. This saves you time, prevents keying errors, and allows you to create files for multiple check dates at one time.

  • Check Signing and Sealing

    Payroll Service Solutions will sign and seal your paychecks for you each payroll, so you no longer have to do so. Your sealed checks will be delivered to you in a separate envelope from your payroll reports, which affords confidentiality.

  • Record Retention

    Payroll Service Solutions will retain and back up all of your payroll records. In addition, when you receive unemployment requests, workers’ compensation requests, or even if your employee needs a per-payroll history for a loan, we can get you the information that same day.

  • New Hire Reporting

    Payroll Service Solutions offers new hire reporting services for clients in Philadelphia as well as across the country. This is done for you as we process your payroll, which is required by law.

  • Garnishments/Levies

    Payroll Service Solutions will make the deductions from your employees’ paychecks, and then process the payments for you in the format mandated by the relevant agency.

  • Loans/Deductions

    Payroll Service Solutions can not only deduct monies from your employees’ paychecks, but we can also track the deduction or loan and cap it at a specified amount. We will then provide you with a “satisfaction report” for your own and your employees’ records.