Are Your Retirement Fees More Than Your Contributions? You May Not Have the Right Plan. We Can Help!

Retirement is something that we all look forward to achieving. Even if we love our work and are happy doing it every day, we all want to slow down eventually and focus on the fun things that we never had time for. For some, their chosen retirement plan works well for them—it has slowly grown through the years and will allow them to enjoy a comfortable retirement. For others, it can be challenging to build up a substantial retirement savings, simply because the fees outweigh the money that is being saved or invested. Payroll Service Solutions can help your company offer retirement plans that pay off, through our retirement planning services.

Retirement Your Way

Are you tired of investing in a plan that isn’t working for your best interest or that of your employees? Payroll Service Solutions offers plans that fit your budget and work toward providing you and your staff the retirement benefits you have all worked for. We work with small businesses to ensure their retirement and 401(k) plans are working toward a lucrative outcome, without exorbitant fees. Our retirement plans feature:

  • 401(k) and 403(b)
  • Payroll Deduct IRA
  • Business Owner Planning
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Our goal is to help Philadelphia businesses and their employees thrive. We can work with your business to customize financial planning services that work for you. We not only offer retirement planning, but also health and life insurance benefits and workers compensation coverage.

Retirement planning services shouldn’t come with excessive fees. We invite you to speak with our team at Payroll Service Solutions to see how we’re different. Ask about our payroll services, benefits management, and human resources services in the Philadelphia area. Contact us today!