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Looking for a Contactless Way to Pay Your People? PSS Has Options.

Published by Payroll Service Solutions on December 15, 2021

Looking for a Contactless Way to Pay Your People? PSS Has Options.

Today, contactless payments are practically commonplace. Even before COVID-19, more and more businesses have been moving toward implementing contactless payment options. Contactless payments offer several advantages. Foremost, of course, is that contactless payment options don’t spread germs through touching, and if the contactless payment allows the payer and payee to stay at least six feet apart, so much the better. Contactless payments also reduce the wear and tear on payment devices such as credit card readers and cash registers. While it may not seem like it, contactless payments are also more secure. A physical card reader can contain a skimmer that copies all of the credit card information necessary to make unauthorized purchases, but no scam artist can attach a skimmer to a nonphysical platform.

One of the first widely used contactless payment methods came courtesy of Apple and the iPhone, with Apple Wallet and Apple Pay, and Near Field Communication (NFC), which enables devices at close proximity to transfer information wirelessly. The coolness factor was doubled when the same feature came to the Apple Watch. Techies everywhere could at last live the dream of paying for something simply by waving their hands over a reader.

Next, contactless payments came to nearly everyone when the credit card companies joined in. Even if your parents still own a flip phone, they probably have a Visa or Mastercard in their wallets that supports contactless payments. COVID-19 restrictions at restaurants and stores are a good motivation for the non-tech-savvy population and everyone else to learn how to use contactless payments.

Processing contactless payments is turnkey to most retailers when implemented by connecting to a modern credit card reader. Other methods are easy to learn, whether it’s Square attached to an iPad to collect payments or the Clover Go the plumber uses to collect payment when they finish installing your new bathtub. Each system connects to a processor and then to a bank, just like when you physically insert a card, only with contactless, you don’t have to touch anything.

Contactless payment methods can even be utilized by companies when paying employees or subcontractors. Direct deposit, which is obviously contactless, is one method, and Payroll Service Solutions can direct deposit your employees’ paychecks directly onto debit cards as well. This is an ideal solution for workers who don’t have a bank account. Payroll Service Solutions has debit cards that can be sent immediately to your employees who prefer this method of payment. Contact us today to learn more!

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