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Tired of Paying for Services You Don’t Need? Customize Your Services With Payroll Service Solutions!

Published by Payroll Service Solutions on August 1, 2021

Looking for a payroll company that you can trust can be hard, but finding one without expensive packages can be even harder. Payroll companies oftentimes will force you to bundle in services that you will never use. Payroll Service Solutions is different. We are dedicated to giving you exactly the services you want and need! You are completely free to pick and choose which services you feel like you will use, and you never have to worry about paying for services you’ll never use.

We understand that your company is unique from other businesses out there. Your company isn’t the same as your competitors, so why should it have the same exact payroll package as every other company? Our number-one goal is to make your life easier by offering a payroll and insurance solution that fits what you envision for your company. Do you feel like you will benefit from direct deposit but want to be more hands-on with your tax filing? You can do that! What about PTO tracking without the group insurance? You can do that too! While we offer all of those things and more, we never want you to pay for something that you wouldn’t use. Our goal is to make running your business easier, not to stretch your budget thin by paying for services you never use. 

Payroll Service Solutions was designed to help Philadelphia businesses with the payroll, human resource, and tax services they need. From the beginning, we’ve helped businesses in our area grow by providing needed support, allowing business owners more time to run their businesses. We can help your business run smoothly by handling your payroll, tax filing, PTO tracking, and more. From group insurance to record retention, we want to provide you with all the services you need—and none of the services you don’t. Contact us today to learn more and get started with the number-one payroll company in Philadelphia, Payroll Service Solutions!

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