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No Bank Account? No Problem. Payroll Service Solutions Offers Instant Issue Debit Cards for Employees

Published by Payroll Service Solutions on July 15, 2021

For some people, bank accounts can be a real issue. Whether they simply don’t want their money tied to a bank account or they have had a negative experience with a bank in the past, some people choose not to open a bank account. But without a bank account, it can be hard to pay your employees the money they’re owed. Most employers pay by check or direct deposit, and without a bank account, it can be challenging to cash a check. Payroll Service Solutions has the answer to this dilemma—instant issue debit cards!

Our debit cards were made with hard-working employees in mind. We can directly deposit a portion or all of your employees’ paychecks onto debit cards each pay period. We also have debit cards on site that can be sent immediately to your employees if necessary. That means that even though they don’t have a bank account, they will never have to worry about not being able to pay their bills on time or buy groceries and other necessities. 

At Payroll Service Solutions, we are dedicated to making your life and the life of your employees easier. That’s why we offer solutions such as instant issue debit cards. Whether it be the hassle of payroll or finding insurance, we have you covered. Our services include direct deposit, PTO tracking, online access, time clocks, and so much more. Contact us today about how we can help you!

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