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Tired of Manually Handling Your Payroll Entries?

Published by Payroll Service Solutions on April 15, 2022

PSS allows you to import your payroll entries.

For most small businesses, doing payroll starts out as a relatively simple process. Manually entering the information to process payroll for a handful of employees is not overly time-consuming. As their business and staff grow, however, entering all of the payroll entries and keeping them all straight with varying classifications, benefits, vacation times, overtime, and more, becomes a tedious process. Your time is too precious to be spent manually handling payroll entries when there are better solutions available. 

Fortunately, Payroll Service Solutions in Philadelphia offers a host of payroll services that allow you to import your payroll entries. At PSS, we offer top-of-the-line payroll services to small- and medium-size businesses. Since 2001, we have been catering to the needs of our clients with outstanding customer service and useful tools. You’ll never reach an automated system when you call us, and all of our customer service representatives are fully trained, so you won’t need to wait to speak to a person who can help you.

We offer a QuickBooks upload that creates a file to directly import your data. This not only saves time but prevents typos and keying errors. In addition, you can create multiple check dates at one time. Once your information is uploaded, we’ll take care of everything, including signing and sealing paychecks every payroll period. Then, we’ll retain your payroll records as required for legal and business purposes. If you need information from our records, we can get it to you on the same day as your request, and of course, we back up everything to avoid any potential data loss. In addition, we offer anytime online access to your payroll, so you can pull reports or get forms with a few clicks.

Contact Payroll Service Solutions today and see how we can help your Philadelphia small business streamline its payroll process!

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