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Published by Payroll Service Solutions on March 22, 2021


Picture this: You have a question about payroll, tax filing, human resources, or another area important to your small business. Your question may require only two minutes on the phone, but instead of reaching someone, you are sent through an automated series of questions, and are ultimately asked to leave a message. Sound familiar? As a small-business owner who is in need of payroll services, you are not alone.

It is far too often that we hear this story from our clients; they share with us that while working with their previous payroll company, it was impossible to reach someone on the phone. Here at Payroll Service Solutions, we believe that no account is too small for the highest customer service, and no question should ever have to wait for an answer. What makes us different from other payroll service companies in the industry is that we answer the phone! Our Philadelphia -based human resource consultants and payroll experts offer a personalized, hands-on experience for small businesses all across the U.S. We invite you to check out the “Why PSS” page on our site here, and learn how we are different from other payroll service companies.

We value your position as a small-business owner and recognize that time is a very valuable resource. So when you have a question about your payroll or any of the other services we are performing on your behalf and have a minute to call, we will answer the phone and help as quickly as possible. Your assigned payroll service expert will always be the first thing you hear on your call — never a machine, never a series of questions. We look forward to providing you the best payroll services from the moment we answer your call! If you are ready to begin your personalized payroll services, visit our page, give us a call, or fill out our contact form to get started today!


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