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Published by Payroll Service Solutions on March 1, 2022

Looking for a Contactless Way to Pay Your People? PSS Has Options

These days, lots of businesses are offering contactless ways to do business. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that some things don’t require that much interaction, and in a world that keeps moving faster, contactless is quicker. It’s no different when it comes to paying your employees. 

If you still have employees coming into the office to pick up a paycheck, you know this is one area where a contactless solution would be welcome. Contactless payments means your employees get their money right away instead of having to take the time to get a check, then get to a bank, and wait for a bank to deposit it. At Payroll Service Solutions, we have options that allow your employees to get paid right away, every time, and no one has to hand out checks, come in for checks, or deposit checks, saving time and money for you and your employees.

Direct deposit sends your employees’ paychecks directly into their own personal bank accounts, making payday contactless and seamless. Another option is for employees to have part or all of their pay deposited directly onto a debit card. This is a great option for employees without a bank account or who like getting some of their pay put right into their pocket, so to speak. One option some employers like is the ability to offer small loans to their employees. No more dealing with hands out asking if they can get an advance before payday. With this program, we can not only repay the loan by deducting the money straight from the employee’s paycheck or direct deposit, but we can also keep track of the loan right in the payroll system for you and your employee. No more trying to remember if Dave still owes you $50, or even worse, arguing with Dave who thinks he already repaid the fifty.

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