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Having Trouble Contacting Your Payroll Provider?

Published by Payroll Service Solutions on December 1, 2021

With Payroll Service Solutions, there’s no waiting or frustrating prompts to reach us.

Sometimes it seems like you just can’t win.

If you’re working with a big payroll provider, chances are you are paying top dollar for their services. Even so, as a small business, you are a less profitable client. Getting through to a representative can be frustrating and sometimes impossible. You may have experienced something like this:

“Please listen to the following menu as our options have recently changed.”

Why are they always changing the menu options? Or is it that they don’t actually change them. They just want you to listen to the message.

Even if you do get all of the prompts right, chances are there will be a lengthy wait on hold. You have a small business to run. You don’t have time for this.

If you go with a small payroll provider, at least you aren’t considered a small client. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily make them easier to reach.

“If you’ve reached this message during our regular business hours, we are either away from our desk or helping other customers.”

It’s nice that they are helping their other customers, but you need help as well.

At Payroll Service Solutions, we are the best of both worlds. Since we offer full access to your records using our online portal, you may not need to call at all. When you do need to call, our dedicated helpline will be ready to answer your call. A real person will pick up the phone, not a computer wanting you to press “4” to reach the department you are needing to speak with. Our trained experts are ready to get you the answers you need, instead of being away from our desks.

If you’re having trouble contacting your payroll provider, consider switching to Payroll Service Solutions. We’re dedicated to helping small business owners like you. Let us show you how we are different, and how we can help your business operate more smoothly. Go ahead and call us at 215-624-0922, we’ll pick up the phone.

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