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Tired of Workers’ Comp Being a Hassle?

Published by Payroll Service Solutions on May 15, 2022

With Pay As You Go, we make it hassle-free.

The workers’ compensation insurance program exists to protect employers from lawsuits pertaining to on-the-job accidents or injuries in the workplace. More importantly, it provides your employees with insurance coverage for medical expenses and compensation for lost income. It also helps injured workers get back to work faster. Unfortunately, in Philadelphia workers’ comp can be a big expense, and a bigger hassle for small businesses. 

At Payroll Service Solutions, we understand your time is valuable. Since 2001, we have endeavored to provide high-quality payroll solutions and services to small- and medium-size businesses. Our suite of payroll services is designed to safely and accurately automate as much of your payroll and payroll-related tasks as possible, saving you valuable time.  

We’ve created a workers’ compensation program in Philadelphia that seamlessly integrates into our PSS Benefits. We call this program Pay As You Go. With the Pay As You Go system, the actual wages from your business are automatically reported to your workers’ compensation insurance carrier with each payroll. The premium for your workers’ comp insurance is calculated based on the actual payroll. The premiums are instantly deducted from your account. All automatically, and without taking any of your or your employees’ precious time.

When integrated with our other outstanding payroll services, your legally required workers’ compensation insurance becomes just another one of the many professional services you can outsource with Payroll Service Solutions in Philadelphia. We also offer retirement plans including 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, and 403(b) plans. Other benefits include group health insurance options such as medical, dental, vision, and group life insurance, as well as short-term disability insurance.

Contact PSS in Philadelphia about our workers’ comp payroll program today! One of our extensively trained customer service representatives will show you what we can do to make running your business easier.

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