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Access to the Records You Need at your Fingertips

Published by Payroll Service Solutions on July 1, 2021

At Payroll Service Solutions, we believe that everyone should have access at their fingertips for the records they need. Our online portal allows you and your employees to view your payroll information in just a few clicks. Cannot find what you are looking for? Give us a call and we will happily assist you in finding what you need. We are dedicated to being there for you when you need it the most! Get in touch with us:

Payroll services are something that every business needs. While there are many payroll service companies out there, you need one that checks all the boxes and provides accurate and reliable services. We are here to answer your call when you dial 215-642-0922.

When you and your employees know how much time they have taken off to date, it allows them to plan better, which in turn makes them more efficient. PSS can track your PTO so both you and your employees can have this information at your fingertips Do your employees know how much PTO they have?

Our job is to help you make sure your business is compliant with state, local, and federal regulations, while also keeping you up to date with everything that matters to your success. Learn more about how we set you up for success:

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